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Robotis KidsLab offers classes for various different age groups and also utilizes several different kits. 
Currently Robotis KidsLab utilizes the Dream LVL 1 Kit which mainly focuses on Basic Mechanical Engineering. 
ROBOTIS KidsLab teaches Math and Science through the use of our educational robot kit, the DREAM SERIES. 
ROBOTIS KidsLab is not simply a bunch of block toys, nor is it just the learning of robot assembly. 
The goal is to teach our students educational discipline through the use of our robots. 
Here are some of the benefits many of our students experience and learn. 
  1. Creative Thinking
  2. Hands-On Science
  3. Fine Motor Skills
  4. Cutting-Edge Tools
  5. Team Work 
  6. Public Speaking
With ROBOTIS KidsLab, students will have the opportunity to expand their imagination, exercise their creativity and develop new technical skills. 

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