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Start Your Own Robotics Learning Center!
The goal of Robotics with STEM Education is for students to be: 
- engaged in the amazing world of robotics
- come and learn about STEM and Robotics but to also further their imagination after class is over
- use the same principles they learned but to learn how to apply in their daily living 
- design and play games with the robots they build 
- be able to examine and solve problems they encounter
- tap into their creativite minds 
- build distinctive characteristics
- become life-time learners 
We'd like to refine our students by challenging, stimulating, and engaging their curiousity to get their imagination and discovery going. Our goal is to create experiences which motivate the students interest to learn more. We are not merely focused on robot assembly, which captures students' intial interest, but on how they learn and apply the scientific robotic principles in their projects, varying based on their age and capacity. Once again, our focus is on the student's ability to be creative; not for them to recieve knowledge in their robotics class, but for the students to exercise their creative skills and invigorate their capable minds. For example, they will be given the problems to work on where STEM Skills are required but it may not be the focus of the activity. The students are presented with real problems to solve: How do you do it?  This presents endless opportunities to stimulate and push the limits of their minds. This achives our goal for them to be engaged with things they probably never would have thought about before all the while learning to enjoy the process of solving problems and finding solutions. 
Host a ROBOTIS KidsLab program at your afterschool / or academic institution. 

How to get started:

- Mention our ROBOTIS KidsLab classes to your school-coordinator, or Director. 
- Contact ROBOTIS KidsLab to obtain a class proposal summary outlining our curriculum, teaching guide, and class fees
- Must have a minimum of 4 students to form a class! 
For more details, emails us at
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